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Police bluff?

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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/22 19:02:12 (permalink)
I'm a Victorian and talk like this about Melbourne gets me feeling all stabby like
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/22 19:26:33 (permalink)
Ive lived in a number of cities, not just in Australia, and Melbourne has been the best by far. you must have been unlucky or hanging out with the wrong people/places
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/22 20:55:41 (permalink)
i was thinking about moving down to Melbourne too.. i thought employment is BETTER down there not worse. oh well so much for that

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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/22 23:27:43 (permalink)
move there.. learn the hard way ;)
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/23 00:25:19 (permalink)
Leave it to them to prove how fast you were going. If they give you atti

I have two stories with some not so intelligent police, first one just well not really his fault just not thinking quickly, but the 2nd one was outrageous:

1.) I was once taking some sweeping bends at speed limit, but probably too fast for the po po's liking, and a paddy wagon about 5-6 cars behind me, started pursuit and finally caught up to me at the next set of lights. The following conversation ensued:

PO: Show me your licence. Do you know what the speed limit is?
Me: Yes sir. 60 sir.
PO: And how fast were you going?
Me: Not 100% sure sir. Wasn't looking at the speedo, sir.
PO: You were going above the limit. How much over were you?
Me: I don't think I was speeding, sir.
PO: Well in our opinion you were going atleast 100.
Me: 100???!!!??? you've got to be kidding me.
PO: Well we had to do 100 to catch up to you!
Me: Right? So if I was doing 100, and you were doing 100, how did you catch up to me?
PO: Don't be smart with me. Don't speed here again.
*PO walks off*

2.) I'd turned into Hickson road round about 9:20am (this is after they speed humped the whole place and when Patrick Stevedores was still there), on the day the APEC summit was on and all the cops were posted everywhere on the streets. After negotiating the first hump, I was approaching the next speed hump, when C*ntstable Dumb@$$ who was having a conversation with his fellow copper ran out in front of me and told me to pull over.

Conversation like this occured:

Me: Excuse me? I'm going to work?
Me: The truck's there waiting for the other truck in the driveway. HE CAN'T TURN.
CD: Why are you driving so fast? Probably late for work?
Me: What the?? Are you serious?
CD: You guys driving the flashy cars think you can break all the road rules. I'm going to take your licence down and we'll be putting you on a black list. We'll be watching you. If you make any wrong move, we'll get ya.
Me: Excuse me officer, what's your name?
CD: C*stable Dumb@$$.
Me: From which station?
CD: Kings Cross.
Me: Thank you.

I drive off, parked my car, detoured my walk to the office to go back to where he was "on duty".

Me: Excuse me C*stable Dumb@$$, I'll be writing a formal complaint about your language, your attitude, and your lack of understanding of the road rules. As you can see, I can turn up to work when I like, which is why I came down here just to let you know that you'll be hearing from your superiors.
CD: Fine by me.
Me: Won't be so fine when you'll hear from your bosses.

So I wrote a letter to the Kings Cross police station, and also to the APEC security feedback thing they had online saying how disgusting his language, and how discriminatory he was etc.

I later received a phone call from some paper pusher saying that the officer in question had been counselled and that they apologised for any offence caused. Pity I can't remember his name, otherwise I'd be tempted to see if anyone else was subject to it, get them to write in letters of complaint and get the dude fired.

Now I've dealt with good cops and bad cops. Most are ok. But this last guy was a complete imbecile.
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/23 01:08:42 (permalink)

I've been pulled over once in my MR2. he heard the blow-off valve, couldn't remember what it was called. it was 9pm on a friday night... and he just let me go.
Adeliade, i think, will be a different matter. Darwin is too small, and frankly, too many people know my car, and after two years with no problems... i'm not a target.
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/23 10:24:50 (permalink)
I wont go into my defected rant because its in the SA section but don't ever admit to anything and cops ask you questions they already know the answer to. I was just unlucky that night.

If you get sent to Regency in Adelaide (Roadworthy), you better get your car back to stock otherwise you will be raped like Marcelles Wallis. [B)]

Now I'm just sticking to motorbikes, never ever been hassled and if a cop tried to defect my bike I'd laugh at him... Try and keep up to a Hayabusa you pigs. ahhaha
Whore of Babylon
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/23 10:53:47 (permalink)
24,000 people in my little town, everyone knows everyone else's cars. I once had one cop pull me over just to have a look at my car (she had never seen one before) and have a chat. She was very nice and i wouldent lie if she caught me speeding in the future. I have also been pulled over and asked "wheres the black MR2 tonight?" while driving the white AW11 :D

I like Devonport, theres is only one bad cop that i know off and i havent seen her for years so she might have GTFO'ed
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/23 11:29:02 (permalink)
I have been pulled over a couple of times for RBT never for speeding, they check my licence they see I have never had a driving offence ever(13 yrs) and they always dont make a fuss and let me go.

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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/24 17:05:28 (permalink)
had exact same situation on my bike late last year. cop claimed i was exceeding 50...i said i saw speedo and 45. Didn't have my license on my cause another cop had lost it, but showed him my nz license after clearly explaining it was only for proof of ID and they could check my plates/license match on their computer :)

he tried to book me for riding without due care and attention because i looked at my speedo.
he then claimed i wasn't allowed an overseas license and took it off me.
he then defected my motorbike for a faulty speedo (near new bike)
and he gave me a ticket with "exceeding 50kph" but no speed.

I reported the incident first to the seargent at the local police station who did NOTHING. Then through the premiers office. The officer was apparrently "cautioned" whatever that means, it was aknowleged that he had no right to take my NZ license but unfortunately it had already been destroyed, The police agreed to pay for my license AND the cost of clearing the defect. Over all it took about 4 months to clear because the transport department didn't recognise the defect as the police had no evidense, and they wanted the same officer to put a radar on me to prove it was out before they would validate the defect and then it could be cleared, I asked the officer involved, he refused, eventually senior police managed to sort it out with transport department guys and it got cleared. They also recalled the speeding ticket, but had to do it again after the monetary penalty office started writing to me saying they were going to cancel my rego for not paying. All up i rode around for about 4 months on a defected bike with no license all because of police screw ups.

they still havent coughed up the money they owe..... I wrote a letter of demand to the premiers office yesterday.

Tas Police...Launceston
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/24 17:43:20 (permalink)
/\ unlucky
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/28 10:01:22 (permalink)
i'm still waiting on a reply from the premiers office.

i'd say unlucky, but thats only one of multiple stories and multiple made up laws i've had to deal with from the police. They don't call them pigs for nothing.
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/28 11:39:41 (permalink)
Not a complaint, but an amusing story.
Was driving around in a custom painted Adub one night for work.
I was working as a contractor for a security firm doing night patrols, and used my adub as the work car needed work.
Now the route I take between 2 of the clients involves cutting down a side street, onto a more main road for about 20 metres before turning into another side st. This particular night the police had set up an RBT just after the turn for the 2nd side st.
Drove my usual route, and noticed a patrol car coming up behind me almost immediately. My next stop is about 200m down the Rd,
Got out of my car and turned back towards the cop who pulled up behind me. The look of confusion on his face to see me there in full uniform, and a chain with about 200 keys slung over my shoulder was priceless.

We spoke briefly, they thought I was doing a runner from the RBT, and that I had one very flash security car. Think he was jealous his work car was just a commo. Didn't even bother breath testing me.

Ended up using my adub for about 6 months as a work car, and after being pulled over a couple more times in the first month. I was left alone. Must have gotten to know my car.
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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/28 14:29:06 (permalink)
Here's a reply from the 'cop on the forum'...

Heres something that may answer some questions but create a whole lot more.

I'm doing this for the forum,
please don't ask me questions about what I have said,I won't answer.

Police 'can' estimate speed.
If you think they got it wrong take it to court,
that's when the officers level and experience of speed estimation will be looked at.
Just because they may be young doesn't mean they don't have good solid experience.
All speeding tickets 'are' estimations with most backed up with a device.

In vinny's case an estimation like that is not something I would have done
and if I got that ticket I would have taken it to court.

As far as admitting what they say you did/what you actually did / what you think you did or didn't do
its up to you isn't it?
You 'may' get a warning and told to move along or you may get the ticket.

If you deadset didn't do it and end up with a ticket,
keep your cool, say what you have to, go to court.
If you did do it and don't mind lying,
go to court and lie after you have sworn an oath if you are comfortable with that.
Now, thats perjury and certainly not something i'd advise.

The cops who give out tickets for the most part of it have the offence on camera,
so if you want to lie then have that shown in court you are going to look dishonest.

If you get a speeding ticket you 'may' be shown the reading but they don't have to.

In Wiz's case,couldn't say unless I was there.
But like you say, he may have just come from the fatal accident,
it's not very pleasant seeing people ripped apart like a dog thats been hit on the road,
not easy when you get there and they are dying and keep asking you if they are going to be ok
but you know they won't make it.
Not an excuse for being rude but possibly a reason.
Maybe he was just an a-hole.

Thats why cops get pissed off with people doing stupid stuff in cars,
you do something stupid here's your ticket that you have earned.

You can call cops whatever you like, probably not a good idea to their face,
but they don't care.

Defects, loud bov's, massive exhausts, ground clearence, wheels sticking out from the body -
they can get you defected from a mile away.
Keep in mind for each defect on your car you can get a ticket
as well as the notice which can come with all levels of further inspection.

If the cop is being a total a-hole to you, just keep your cool,
if they are doing something thats out of line make a complaint.

Quote, "if you deny something, and they have no proof, the matter goes no where"

Thats rubbish, they wouldn't bother speaking to you and handing out a ticket in that case.
Them seeing whatever was done is proof.
But if someone else is doing burnouts or whatever in an area where you are
you wouldn't admit to it being you.
If they saw you, they saw you, if they didn't, they didn't.

Quote, "I guess the point of this thread is how can a stationary policeman with no Radar book a driver for speeding?

Estimation and experience.
You would not believe how good some of them are,
exact estimations then checked on the device, its freaky.

Quote, "he tried to book me for riding without due care and attention because i looked at my speedo.
he then claimed i wasn't allowed an overseas license and took it off me.
he then defected my motorbike for a faulty speedo (near new bike)
and he gave me a ticket with "exceeding 50kph" but no speed.

Thats a load of bs, no wonder you have the sh!ts.
Keep us informed of what happens.

Quote, "and in regards to entrapment..."

WTF is that all about??

I don't get that argument, if you don't do anything you won't get a fine.
"Oh he entrapped me, he knows everyone speeds here so its a setup"
"Oh man everyone drags here, you hid over there and waited for us to do that"

Like I say, do something stupid, you've earnt your ticket.
Didn't do it and get the ticket? Go to court.

I'd recommend not being a smart arse, no-one likes being spoken to like that.
If they are being an arse, keep cool and make your complaint.

Remember that with speeds those devices have a very long range, they have seen you miles before you see them.

Appreciate the info mr cotf.(lol)
Considering too,you've always come here as an MR2 owner
and not as a spokesman or russell ingall.
Who wants to work after they've finished work already? Not me,so thanks.

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RE: Police bluff? 2010/11/28 16:02:47 (permalink)
Australia has no entrapment laws. Meaning, there is no such thing as entrapment in Australia.

In response to resident plodd's comments, those are based on what you, a good, decent cop would do. I am sure plenty of people take those "speed estimations" lightly and just target people out randomly.

I did 45km/h coming into my street (50zone) and got pulled up, he walked over and stood next to my car without saying anything until I said "yes?" then he gave me the whole "going a bit fast, what was your speed" bs. I said I was under the speed limit. he then told me that I definately wasn't and the only reason I didnt spin the wheels was because I saw him. I proceeded to disagree and told him I was under the speed limit, he replied with "It doesn't matter if you are under the speed limit" at that point I decided that I wasn't going to make any ground with him and pretty much gave up. It's not worth the risk of arguing your case (the truth) against these people when its so easy for them to turn around and throw out some dodgy defects.

My biggest gripe is that they can pretty much book you for whatever they please, didn't do it? prove it in court. The onus is on the driver to prove his innocence. Cop accepts that he hasn't got a leg to stand on before writing a ticket - Car gets defected for "i think its too loud" and "it looks too low".

Even if you take it to court, you waste time and money organising the plea for your innocence whilst the offending officer doesn't get reprimanded at all.

The only saving grace in the whole system is the ability to make a formal complaint - but as far as that goes... who knows what happens to the paperwork after you walk out the door.
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