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Hot!Cannot find replacement tyres for 225/50/15R

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Re: 2018/04/18 22:36:40 (permalink)
My tyres arrived today.  Very happy!  Thanks again for the link.  
Just on a side note for the moderators:  I've not visited the forum for a while.  I have to say I find the verification for this Forum super annoying.  Was this site badly hacked??

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Re: 2018/04/19 01:22:30 (permalink)
I have used Toyo T1R'S on the rear in the past, and have found the rear of the car tends to float a bit until they have a few K's on them, so maybe take it easy when you first get them on.
Some people think the sidewalls are a bit soft on these, however I believe it is more likely to be tread flex because the rear end float goes away when the tread wears down a bit and the rubber hardens up.

Yeah they feel horrible for the first xx amount of k's. I rang Toyo and spoke to one of their technical department about it a few years ago. The dude said he'd read our comments and said we had no idea of what we were talking about!
At that point I wished that there was more choice for our tyres
On other news I spoke to Toyo's development dept about the rumours of the T1R being discontinued, Toyo confirmed those rumours were true.
But don't panic, they also said that they were bringing out a new design of our rear size. It is due for release towards the end of 2018. No idea what its going to be named.

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Re: 2018/07/31 08:48:19 (permalink)
I ran the T1R in 205/55R15 and 225/50R15 on 15x6.5+45 wheels for many years. When they were new I got the same experience as others. They felt a little slippery and floaty for the first ~1000km. The tread design is definitely going to move around with steering input at full tread depth.
The side walls are quite soft. When the tyres are off the wheel you can move the side walls quite easily compared to some other performance tyres. Direction changes with these tyres is quite delayed and especially going from fully loading the tyres in one direction to fully loading in the other it's quite an unsettling experience. You know the tyres will grip up but the feeling you get in between the transition is not confidence inspiring. I've now gone to RE003 in 215/40R17 and 245/40R17 on 17x8+37 and 17x9+29 and the handling difference is huge. Very direct and on demand where you want the car to go and when. Sure the ride is stiffer due to much less tyre but I prefer these over the T1R.

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