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Japanese Odometer Check

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2012/10/30 13:57:44 (permalink)

Japanese Odometer Check

Hi everyone,
Probably the single largest risk with buying an imported vehicle is the legitimacy of the odometer reading. I've owned my fair share of import cars & I have to admit, I've seen many a 30k km import that showed indications of odometer tampering. Hazed over headlights, run down interiors, worn suspension, grubby/run down engine bays etc are all suspicious signs. Many people (myself included at times) shrug off these warning signs off in the heat of the moment (import cars are often the type that hit your soft spot) & allow our hearts to talk over our heads.
Came across the below service which I think is absolutely AWESOME! I'm certain that if you captured the details of many of the imports available on Parramatta Rd, you'll catch a few sellers red-handed.
Not the be all & end all of, but it's a great way of easing your mind. I'm half tempted to do a search on my SW20, but considering I purched it with 66,000km when it was 5yrs old, I've never really been concerned. Not bad for those of you looking to buy 60,000km MR2 turbos that are 20+yrs old.

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    Re:Japanese Odometer Check 2012/10/30 14:16:49 (permalink)
    Admittedly I was quite astounded when I found and bought my car 4 years ago with only ~60,000km on the odometer, but given the condition of the car at the time, I actually believed it, or even if it wasn't accurate it didn't matter because the car was in great condition anyway.
    Anyway, for other people in a similar situation this could be very useful.

    There is an extensive build thread for my car here: http://www.mr2australia.com/mr2play/tm.aspx?m=18316
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    Re:Japanese Odometer Check 2012/11/01 11:30:29 (permalink)
    nice find jay!
    how many 67,000km V35 and EVO 6 are there HAHAhAH

    Kôsoku bosu

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    Re:Japanese Odometer Check 2013/03/11 00:04:27 (permalink)
    All of them
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    Re:Japanese Odometer Check 2013/03/11 09:59:19 (permalink)
    ^  large bumpage?!
    I definitely noticed this when shopping for an EVO 5/6/6.5 in 2011..
    There was a hilariously obvious amount of ones at dealers in Australia with ~54,000km on them. Yet I was shopping the auctions and dealers in Japan looking for the right car, and those cars just didn't exist.
    They weren't 'wound back' a huge amount, as most were likely ~100k or so.. but whats the point?
    I imported mine, and sold it a year later with the Auction sheet showing the KM. In fact, you have to have the de-reg and other paperwork when importing the car; so if a dealer/importer can't at least show you this (or they 'lost' it - wtf?), then they're lying.
    Trouble is then also with the first private owner in Australia. Once they've pulled off that spark plug cover and seen the 100k timing belt service 7 years ago, they're likely to forget to mention that little detail when it comes time to sell....
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    Re:Japanese Odometer Check 2015/02/22 20:06:24 (permalink)
    My race car had around 60,000kms on it when I got it. The red paint was pink and when I stripped the engine, the MAIN bearings were just about gone. I recon it had done 260,000kms! 

    Mr Glengineering.
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    Re:Japanese Odometer Check 2016/05/24 18:16:54 (permalink)
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