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Re: More time attack mods 2022/02/20 07:58:12 (permalink)
OK if you're out in front but you might consider some course mesh to take the energy out of stones (track debris) on the rare occasions when following.
I used Gutter Guard plastic mesh behind grille to protect a very soft aluminium air to water heat exchanger in my road car cause ""Bloody Paddy drives right up under the arse of everything we approach"". MANIAC.
He's not too bad at it otherwise though.
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Re: New Video 2022/05/13 19:44:44 (permalink)
hey guys
what is the best easy option to get a bit more power of a 2004 spider?
it is very slow to take off.
if you guys know anyone to improve it please let me know.
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Re: New Video 2022/05/13 19:46:44 (permalink)
There are unfortunately no easy options with a NA engine. I reckon that extractors and a free flowing exhaust including decat would be the best start.

Mr Glengineering.
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