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Hot!Leaking coolant unusual gasket part number 1990 JDM MR2 Turbo?

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2020/05/09 10:47:34 (permalink)

Leaking coolant unusual gasket part number 1990 JDM MR2 Turbo?

Hi, I've got a coolant leak at this gasket, any idea what part number it is and where I can get it?  It is unusual in that it is a metal gasket with a thin black film on  each face.   The one in the pic isn't my leaking problem, it is from a spare engine I have.  I haven't taken the leaking one out until  I understand if I need more parts etc.  This design looks like the two metal faces of the block and this water manifold would need to be in very good condition, probably not the case with my leak.  Would I be better off with making a gasket that was more likely to seal on older surfaces?  I will definitely clean them but the surfaces may not end up  the way they left the factory:-(

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    Re: Leaking coolant unusual gasket part number 1990 JDM MR2 Turbo? 2020/05/09 17:54:35 (permalink)
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    is a link for sw20 3sgte parts

    link for the coolant tree gaskets diagram and part numbers.

    Dont re-use old gaskets is a general rule of reliable mechanics, always new.  Leaking will highly likely be because of trying to use old gaskets.

    Personally I hate doing the coolant twice over and the parts are cheap, so replace all the gaskets / hoses in the coolant system that you choose to do at the same time and consider replacing the thermostat. Again, only because when one thing goes usually associated parts are not far behind and I hate doing things twice. Wire brush on a drill will clean up that coolant neck fast and make it shinny new (if you like bling, just be careful of the sensors etc).

    Megazip (above) is an easy to use menu for diagrams and part numbers.  They have failed a few times on service aspects and prefer amayama (good prices and service / communication), however with covic delays in international parcels orders are currently saying on their system three weeks but actually up to a few months (part dependent).  Otherwise see your local toyota dealership, possibly get it quicker, usually amayama is half to a third of toyota dealership price (varies based on part).
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    Re: Leaking coolant unusual gasket part number 1990 JDM MR2 Turbo? 2020/05/10 05:46:58 (permalink)
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    Those surfaces may be a little eroded when it's dismantled but usually perfectly salvageable.
    Just carefully clean them and then use a sensor safe silicone such as Loctite SI 5699 or equivalent.
    For many years I've used Permatex Aviation Gasket goop successfully.
    Torque the two bolts evenly and don't over torque them.
    Same with the upper housing of that coolant tree. It is one of the worst pieces of design I have seen.
    It contains an "O" ring that is available from Toyota dealers.
    I use Aviation Gasket goo as well as a new "O" ring any time it's disturbed. Disgraceful design.
    Do Not Over Torque !!!

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