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Hot!2020 - 2nd Event Wrap - Club Run March

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2020/03/24 23:18:49 (permalink)
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2020 - 2nd Event Wrap - Club Run March

The day started off well with lachy, mat, julieanne and ben meeting up at the gap mcdonalds. After a few bacon and egg burgers a little after 8:30 the group set off. We wound our way up and through to dayboro as the sun shone and the traffic was light. The hords of motorbikes belted past us on the straights but slowed in the corners to show each road users respect with a small wave to each other e passed by chance the triumph car club out with their plethora of TR7's. From corner to corner taking in the breath taking views as we worked up towards the pitstop cafe the group made good time.
As we turned up to the cafe the bikes and cars parked had blinding reflections of chrome. The milshakes flowed and the bacon and eggs were a plenty. Generally waiting for an hour made the taste buds salivate even more.
After a bite to eat and a test of the twin plate clutch in the steeply angled driveway of the carpark we made our windy way back down through dayboro past more chrome single seater crotch rockets. The winding mountain roads reinvigorated our lust for the MR2 Marque. From apex to apex we kept each other in the rear vision mirrors as we continued on down into kurwongbah and the lakeside DTC.
With the shorter run this month done and a nice view from the mountain tops behind us we ventured into the Lakeside raceway. We were met with an entry fee of $30 per person facing us with signs saying only cash and no eftpos. For a split second as we added up all the drivers and passengers on the day it was looking like it could become quite a substantial amount of cash to outlay just to get to our end goal - the DTC.
As quick as a flash we circled together still in our cars and approached the entrance and mentioned the lotus DTC event we were trying to get to and with a gasp and a smile we were waived through saving us hundreds of dollars.
As we arrived Danny with his Special K Spyder was set up and doing laps of the driver training course. The competition was fierce and the vehicles were all well presented. Being a lotus event there were many lotus marques of old being thrown around the track with puffs of smoke still coming at the hands of the owner drivers. The group - Joel, Tiah, Mat, Lachy, Ben and Julieanne parked up next to the DTC and cheered danny on as he cut some more times on the course. 
With the sun breaching through the clouds and the Lotus DTC event moving through its paces smoothly there was a massive screeching of tyres from over the back of the lakeside race track with loud metal crushing sound belting and echoing towards us with a second booming sound of metal and plastic crushing following almost immediately after. We looked up and with a cloud of smoke starting to bellow from the side of the lakeside race track adjacent to the DTC test track. These sounds and smoke proved to be another victim of lakeside's car crusheing tendancies. We walked up to the side of the Lakeside track not more than 100m from the DTC event to find tyre barriers sprayed across part of the circuit.
At first we thought we had a datusn 510 against the wall as we couldn't keep our eyes off the wreck. It was infact a BMW 318i which had fallen victim and as the smoke kept bellowing from the car the course marshalls quickly came to the aid as did the medics but struggled to get the driver free from the wreck. It took over 7 mins for the driver to crawl out of the passenger door himself after suffering what we could only assume was heavy concussion from smacking into the wall. The wreck had a full roll cage which seemed to have a saved the driver from alot more damage. The driver with the Hans device being removed by the Medic once the driver had gotten free from the wreck. The medic checked the driver over and kept completing more assesments as the driver was more worried about his car than his own safety. With the front end destroyed and the tow truck removing the wreck the crowd dispursed and returned to the DTC event.
With more laps under the belt for danny and the sun beating down more the day was finalised with each MR2 being checked over and more banter and talk about the corona virus possibly stopping the upcoming Go KArts and unfortunately sealing the cancellation of the bunya mountains trip away.
We all totally enjoyed the day but the looming talk about the frantic crazyness of the toilet paper virus heading towards us like a tidal wave of toilet humour loomed on our decisions.
What will be will be but today the sun shone and the skids were laid on the track and not in the pants.
See you all soon.

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    Re: 2020 - 2nd Event Wrap - Club Run March 2020/03/25 19:38:58 (permalink)
    Great write up again, Ben. Handful of photos attached.






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