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Helpful ReplyAlternator issue

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Re: Alternator issue driving me crazy.... 2018/12/02 00:07:18 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Dudeman 2018/12/02 01:19:20
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In short:
The 100 amp alternators (predominantly JDM MR2s due to electric power steering) are notoriously difficult to find in Australia meaning when they fail your basically left with the only option being a reconditioned unit. Half the issue with that is reconditioning/rebuilding (particularly electrical) components is a dying trade.
The crux of this is what readily available alternator (from a different vehicle) will fit and work in an MR2.
Based on Xmr2 and 92 Hard Top it seems the Lancruiser alternator will work.
There's obviously a number of factors regarding an alternator fitting and working. Being the alternator is 110 amp is also obviously ideal (very close to the oem 100 amp).
The most obvious required change will be the pulley but as long as shaft diameters etc are the same its a matter of a rattle gun on the nut, pulling off pulley and putting on MR2 pulley, rattle gun on.
The other obvious issue is the plug but from what I can see the factory plug should work (or a simple adapter plug i.e. round plug to oval plug).
With all of that said, I'm leaning to picking one up to put all the above to the test, install it myself and test it. 
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Re: Alternator issue driving me crazy.... 2018/12/02 10:48:27 (permalink)
any alternator will work on any vehicle if it mounts up and pulley offset is correct,  you just gotta have the wiring correct. 
i've used alternators off v6 camry for the aw11 many times, now a 20v that has a different plug (squished oval type instead of round), i just used crimp connectors to give the 3 pins what they need to work.  
check that the main charge wire back to the pos battery post has continuity, the fuse able link could have blown.  i usually just replace the whole line with a good quality multistrand 8 gauge wire.
check that the plug with 3 pins is correct for the pins on the alt itself.  (most toyota's have the same plug to pin orientation though).  you can test those with a multimeter or test light. 

if it's not blown, it sucks
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