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MR2 Club of NSW - June 2018 event - Putty Rd Drive

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2018/06/06 20:56:08 (permalink)
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MR2 Club of NSW - June 2018 event - Putty Rd Drive

Hi All,

It’s time for our next event and this time we’re doing a drive down Putty Road. Anyone who’s been involved with cars in the Sydney/Newcastle region for a long time knows about Putty Rd. It’s a fantastic example of twisting tarmac and beautiful scenery leading into the greater Singleton region. It’s a highly recommended trip and in cars like ours it should make for a great day.

As there are two meeting groups in Sydney and Newcastle the plan is for everyone to meet at the Oak Dairy Bar in Freemans waterhole and from there drive through Wollombi with a potential stop at the Tavern for a rest and photo opportunity and then onto Putty Rd. We will stop at the half way point which is a café called Grey Gum Café that has ample parking and the day will end with lunch. The best half of Putty Rd is the top half so there’s no need to do the 2nd half but Sydney members may want to take the rest of the road home. Newcastle members can indulge themselves a second time and go back up Putty Rd to go home.

Date: Saturday 23 June 2018

Sydney Meet Time: 8:30am for an 8:50am departure
Sydney Meet Location: KFC Asquith (Rofe Park can bee too busy on weekends)

Newcastle Meet time: 10am for 10:30am departure
Newcastle Meet Location: Oak Dairy Bar, 890 Freemans Drive, Freemans Waterhole

Route: [image][/image]https://goo.gl/maps/qEEUkGLvJjo

Please bring a full tank of fuel and money for lunch. All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you then.

MR2 Club of Australia (NSW Branch) Inc.
Vice President and Public Officer

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    Re: MR2 Club of NSW - June 2018 event - Putty Rd Drive 2018/06/07 10:47:27 (permalink)
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    Sounds like a good run, hopefully I can make this one if I am not working.
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    Re: MR2 Club of NSW - June 2018 event - Putty Rd Drive 2018/06/18 20:36:09 (permalink)
    this should be a good day.
    Weather forecast is for blue skies :)

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