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Helpful ReplyP Plate Exemption for QLD

Brady G
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2015/09/02 13:26:13 (permalink)

P Plate Exemption for QLD

Hi all,
I've recently been looking at purchasing a SW20 MR2.
However, the only available M/T (in good condition) vehicles are turbocharged.
I would just like to know if many other P Platers from QLD have applied for an exemption and been passed and if so, what form of supporting documentation did they supply/what are the chancesTransport and Main Roads will approve the application?
Thanks heaps, Brady.
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    Re: P Plate Exemption for QLD 2015/09/02 18:14:33 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Brady G 2015/09/03 08:49:51
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    Hi Brady,
    To get an exemption you need to show the power to weight ratio doesn't  exceed the limit set by Queensland Transport as per the moderately powered vehicle grounds section of the Certificate of Exemption for Driving a High Powered Vehicle - https://www.support.transport.qld.gov.au/qt/formsdat.nsf/forms/QF4467/$file/F4467_CFD.pdf
    According to Toyota older turbo's are right on the limit and the later ones are over if I remember correctly so I'd suggest an early model turbo if you get one and a t-top to add weight. http://www.toyotapart.com/1991_MR2_SPECIFICATIONS_T-PG029-90.pdf
    I used the linked document to prove the power rating of my turbo which was a 1990 model. If you call Toyota they will have nothing for you its just too long ago and Toyota never rought the turbo to Australia.
    After I sent in my application I received a letter from QR saying I hadn't supplied enough info since it wasn't for my exact car etc, and wrote them back saying this is as good as it gets with a 'technical' link [link=https://techinfo.toyota.com/t3Portal/resources/jsp/siviewer/index.jsp?href=sb/T-PG029-90/xhtml/T-PG029-90.html&locale=en&t3id=T-PG029-90&User=false&publicationNumber=T-PG029-90&objType=sb&docTitle=PG029-90%3A1991+MR2+Specifications&docid=69409&context=ti]https://techinfo.toyota.c...d=69409&context=ti[/link] 
    The next I heard from them was a letter confirming my approval! :)
    Another option is to have the car put on a dyno and prove the exact power rating of your vehicle and since most cars have lost a bit of power over the years you might be able to get a later model through that way. However I have no experience with that approach so I'd probably only do that as a last resort.
    Once you've proved the power rating to their satisfaction you MIGHT be approved, they don't come out and say it but I'm pretty sure that if you have a bad record your unlikely to get one so bear that in mind when deciding what to do.
    So it can be done and hopefully it will work for you but its no guarantee, I've heard of people in identical situations with one getting approved and the other rejected. 
    Good Luck!
    Brady G
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    Re: P Plate Exemption for QLD 2015/09/03 08:25:53 (permalink)
    Thanks Steve!
    Yeah, I'm aware of applying under the 'moderately powered vehicle grounds', and I have that spec sheet you linked, only the Japanese version (in metric english).
    I just want to be sure they'll accept my application if I have those specifications -- I don't want to buy and register an MR2 for QR to say "sorry, not going to let you drive it".

    And my license record is clean. Not even a parking ticket 😂
    EDIT: I also have visited Toyota as well and they don't know how to help... Typical...
    And the spec sheet (service bulletin) I have shows that the 1990 MR2 Manual Turbo Hardtop puts out 149kW @ 6000rpm and has a kerb weight of 1251kg -- giving a power to weight ratio of 119kW/t (which falls below the 125kW/t set as the restriction).
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    Re: P Plate Exemption for QLD 2023/05/02 11:30:13 (permalink)
    I am now having the same question, any advice? thanks :)
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