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Hot!Black G and Green GT Hardtops Rev1 Project

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2018/04/09 12:06:34 (permalink)
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Black G and Green GT Hardtops Rev1 Project

Hi All,
I have been hovering abound these forums for a while now and I have finally be able to find what I have been looking for.
Over the weekend 06/04 - 09/04 a friend and I went for a Road Trip close to the Border of NSW/QLD to pickup the vehicles as well as a bunch of spares.
Keeping this short for the moment and will upload photos later on today after I have finished sorting through everything.

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    Re: Black G and Green GT Hardtops Rev1 Project 2018/04/09 17:48:44 (permalink)
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    Had a Long Journey back on Saturday, drove around 7 hours and then had rest and sleep overnight. Living in a city and being originally from the country you do forget about the peace and quiet and the nature in the mornings.

    1989 G-Limited - Based on Vin
    Based on looking at this it has had a Gen3 NA swap, no history on what happened and why this occurred but that doesn't really matter moving forward. 
    This also seems to have leather seats? (Was this an option back in the day or maybe something retro fitted?)
    Needs alot of wiring work and interior to be put back together, depending on what I end up finding about the compliance as this appears to only have a AUS Vin Riveted rather than a complete Import approval Plate? Reading up on this as this might be one of the ones that was imported before the 15 Year old rule was changed and pushed back into 1988 instead. 
    Still need to unpack some of the spares that also came back down.

    1990 GT - Vin Confirmed
    Have been told that this one has had a replacement engine with a motor that was imported from Hong Kong and was one that originally was in a US model? (Any Simple ways to confirm this?)
    Has cloth seats and bits of the interior need to be put back together, but alot of spares were also supplied so this should be much of an issue. Has a Bomex? Front kit which i'm not a huge fan off but I have a OEM front Bumper with lip so will replace anyway and the car needs a respray to make everything all hunky dory.
    Motor itself on the drive home ran very cool and also looks stock, other than a painted Valve cover. 

    I have also been given the original motor that was in the car and was told he was overheated but will prob hold onto this for spares. (Might even build and forge one day)

    Pile of parts - Spend most of today cleaning and putting everything away to assess what I have.
    Even have a couple of heads?
    Have a couple of Stock Fuel rails with injectors. (Doing a google I cant seem to find a thread that shows me what each Generation rail looks like? Can someone point out a simple way to see by looking at them?)
    Current Plans
    • Get the GT Roadworthy and join the Vic Club to participate in events. (Anyone have a stock exhaust I can borrow/buy?)
    • Find out the deal with the G-Limited and assess what can be done to either have that road-registered otherwise will maybe need to continue with the Track car idea the previous owner originally had.
    Feel free to pass on any info you have would be appreciated to learn as much as I can!

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    Re: Black G and Green GT Hardtops Rev1 Project 2018/04/18 20:15:16 (permalink)
    Just realised I hadn't updated this.
    Bought some shelving over the weekend so I can actually everything away properly so I can actually fit everything.
    Also vacuumed the inside of the car and went through the parts.
    Can someone tell me what was originally in here? Or what its meant to look like originally?

    Had a small sub installed?
    Also found a HKS Fuel Rail in the lot, original box pretty much destroyed but everything inside looks good. Literally never used?

    Also found some Cams but they have some surface rust, Maybe this can get removed easily.
    Need to try and confirm duration's and lifts.

    I found an alternator full of dirt and I see people always talk about a 100amp version? Short of looking at the part number how can you tell this one from the other alternators in the world?
    Lastly also seem to have a LSD centre? Does anyone know anything about this one?

    Cant seem to see any other markings. :(

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