2019/03/04 15:02:59
Thought I'd start a new showroom thread for my 1987 two tone supercharged AW11.
I've owned it now for a few years, but its been in storage for the whole time, waiting for me to get some time to get stuck into it..... so finally I have started ;-)
It is as nearly factory as one could expect, other than the aftermarket 15" alloy mags.
The one behind is another one I have, but with a 20v blacktop in it. It too is almost factory looking, but that's for a showroom thread later.



Factory stereo, not my choice, but automatic, but drives & shifts great


Started removing the engine, would like to freshen thing up & check as much as I can, unfortunately, removing the entire engine is the only way.


Engine out, strip down time

Received cylinder head back, only required facing, otherwise excellent condition

More to come!
2019/03/04 16:25:58
Looking good. Don't mind two tone AW11s :)
2019/03/05 11:53:48
You've been holding out on us mate.... 
Do you have a warehouse with MR2's just hidden in them! 
2019/03/06 19:37:58
You've been holding out on us mate.... 
Do you have a warehouse with MR2's just hidden in them! 

He has them stashed all over the place...
2019/04/29 20:20:54
Sweet 2 tone! worked on 3 of them the other week for a mate.   
Hopefully oneday i'll have another sc auto. I rather enjoyed the sc auto, specially when running more than stock boost! haha.. 
2019/05/14 09:19:34
Quick update
Started giving the mr2 a buff 'n' polish, coming up a lot better than I anticipated for original paint... WOW Toyota did a really good paint job on these aw11's for their time.



Engine lid had years of weather build up...

After polish

Underneath was terrible
After polish
Special thanks to Joel (Lumix) for providing replacement decals


2019/06/11 08:48:54
Few more photo's



2019/08/16 13:53:19
Slow progress, but finally getting around to working on the cars again.
Radiator removed, cleaned/ flushed prior to engine reinstall

Fans cleaned from years of build up & reinstalled, wish I took a pic of what they looked like before 

Fuel tank removed to clean & replace fuel pump

Original pump by the looks of things, although bottom rubber missing & cable tied, maybe has been replaced... not sure, so replacing it anyway

New replacement unit installed, carried over the existing filter, replacement bag didn't look as good quality & hung very low from the pump

Next: reinstall engine :-)
2019/09/20 10:02:09
Slow progress, but getting there
Engine bay prepped for install

Cylinder head install

How it currently sits waiting its engine :-)

Next: install rear wing, new boot lid decals etc, engine & crank over!
2019/10/15 14:17:17
Little more progress



Just waiting on injection seals coming from Japan

All fluids in

Hopefully get some new decals for it shortly

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